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Get instant answers to your quiz/test questions. Private, undetectable tool for students that integrates directly on all your school website

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You see, the homework helper chrome extension was specifically built on different school learning systems design.It works on these systems (yes, canvas, blackboard, and McGraw Hill).Our highlight & right click feature works across all websites to get answers.We even created student, admin, and teacher accounts to test them and have gotten feedback from our student customers

How it works

What you need to know!

Click any button on this screen to get startedCreate an accountDownload the homework helper chrome extensionEnable homeworkhelper on your screen (there's a video sent to you after you download on how to do this)You're good to go! Use the button or highlight text and ask feature depending on your school's platform.You can start by downloading it free now. Give it a go!

Step 1:

Click get started and download

Click any button on this screen to get started then "Add to chrome" to install the homework helper chrome extension.

Step 2:

After Download, Create account and sign in

After you download the extension, create an account / sign in via the extension. You can access it by clicking the puzzle piece in the top right side of your browser.

Step 3:

Click button or highlight to get answers

After you sign in you should be good to go. Remember to sign in and make sure "hide" mode is off in the extension box. You can also hightlight and right click to get answers on ANY website.

Its Private = Undetectable

Because the software is an extension, it is on your web browser (just like bookmarks) which is undetectable by any school system. The only way someone will know is if you screen record or you tell someone

Free + Unlimited Questions

You'll get to ask intial questions free! If you like it you can upgrade unlimited questions after you create an account. You'll never have to google or sift through the right quizlet question bank again.

Simple to use = Appears on Screen

After you download our simple extension it will appear on your screen next to your questions. You could start using it in 1 minute from now.

Sound interesting?
Take it for a test drive

You can download the extension for free by clicking below (we don't even ask for a credit card). It will take you to the download page.We understand it should be easy to try out and use, so after you click any button on this screen and create free account we automatically send you a welcome email with how to use it

More About Homework Helper+ Chrome Extension

Hi there, I'm Rhett. I created homework helper with my team for you.Looking things up on Quizlet / Google can take forever and is hard to know whats right.Now, get answers in one click.Plus, canvas can now detect if you, as a student, click into another window to look something up and alerts your teacher, Homework Helper+ solves that problem too since it is on your browser.This makes it 100% discrete and undetectable.It will work on any Chrome browser you are signed into (not a lockdown browser because that's not your browser)Yeah. Pretty cool.You can get answers first or put the button in incognito mode and use it to gut check yourself.Don't worry, it's incredibly smart.It's passed all high school, undergraduate, and graduate disciplines.Its even passed every AP course, the Bar Exam, and the Medical Exam. A's all day baby.Occasionally you may experience a hiccup so if you have a question or problem (I don't think you will) just message me. I'm on standby. (just message the support email you automatically get after creating a free account)It is free to download and use.Yes, the unlimited question version does cost money (I get charged based on the volume of questions/data which sucks) but I priced unlimited as cheap as I could, for less than a McDonald's Meal.If that's still too much, just message me after you download the free version and I'll give you a discount code.Let me know what you think (but based on other feedback I think I already know 😎)Now, give it a try by clicking any of the buttons on this page.

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